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He should have contacted us at

How do I get a price quote?

For  a rough idea, go to the price estimator.

Then email us at

Tell us your word count, timeframe and whether or not English is your first language. We also need to know if you require copy-editing or proofreading.  We may ask for a sample page of your material.  

You will quickly receive a no-obligation quote.

What's the difference between

copy-editing and proofreading?

Click here for a full explanation.  If you're still not sure what you need, email us at  for no-obligation assistance.

How do I submit my document?

For a full explanation of how you can submit documents, click here.  If none of the options seem suitable for you, contact us at - we'll be happy to discuss a suitable solution.

How can I pay?

We will email you an invoice.  Proof Readeri accepts credit cards and PayPal, a secure system that allows you to keep all your details  safe.


How safe is my document with Proof Readeri?

Your document is safe with us. Only our staff and/or advisors will see it.  It will not be made available to other parties.

What happens to a document once Proof Readeri has finished with it?

Your document is your property and copyright. We will keep it on file for one calendar month after it has been returned to you (just in case) or less if you prefer.  Then it will be permanently deleted; any paper copies will be shredded.

What will the editing look like?

MS Word documents:  clear mark-ups and comments using Track Changes allow you to adopt the editor's recommendations if you wish at the click of a button.

Hard copy (paper):  if you wish, standard proofreading symbols will be marked up in colour; we will include a key, if you need it, to enable you to make changes on your own copy.  We can also provide less technical mark ups.

Shared documents e.g. Google docs: shared editing allows you to view the revision history.

What document formats will you accept?

For hard copy (paper) any format is acceptable but double line spacing and 3 cm margins are essential.

For material submitted by email or on memory stick, MS Word is  preferred.


Click here for full details.

What do I do next?

You have taken your first steps already!  Please contact us at  for a no-obligation quote.

We look forward to helping you with your editing!