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Word count?

Copy-editing or proofreading?

Format for submission?


STEP 1: first estimate the size of your material by making a word count. 

STEP 3: decide how best to submit your work. This will depend on many factors, including your favoured method of writing and your deadline. Emailing a document works well.

STEP 5:  now you'll want a rough price for the job.  See the price estimator for a reasonable idea of the cost.   Materials will only be accepted for editing once you and the editor are both happy with a price and a deadline.


STEP 2: next decide on proofreading or copy-editing.  If English is not your first language, copy-editing is probably the best choice.


STEP 4: work out your timeframe. Do you have a deadline?  If you're submitting your material on paper you'll need to allow time for postage and for transferring the recommended edits to your own copy.

STEP 6: obtain a no-obligation quote by contacting us at

Although we may request a sample page of your work, we promise you a speedy reply.

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STEP 7: send your payment. We may require a deposit before starting work for you.

(Click here for payment methods.)

STEP 8: send your document.

We'll let you know that it has arrived safely.

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Your material is in good hands.

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